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Runefest 17: Cosplays & Costumes

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Cosplay is a highlight of any fan gathering, and Runescape’s Runefest is no different. Whether it’s enthusiastic fans working on their first outfit, or veteran professionals with high-tech designs, the dedication and passion shine through. In the end, both groups entertained and wowed the crowds with their creations.

Our team hit the convention floor, putting together this small album from the event. Whether it’s warriors or wizards, tree ents or golems, the range was incredible. And that’s not even mentioning the snazzy gear that some players had brought along, like this LED-lit Inferno cape.

This is a phenomenal #cosplay cape! #RuneFest17 #oldschool #runescape pic.twitter.com/Q4S4LJvs7E

— Gazimoff @ RUNEFEST (@Gazimoff) September 23, 2017

These cosplay heroes aren’t just celebrating their fandom or showing off their skills; they’re also taking aim at an exclusive prize. The Golden Gnomes are yearly awards to celebrate community contributions, with the best cosplay (as voted by attendees) picking up a gleaming trophy. This year’s winner was WizardDewydd, with an impressive recreation of Wizard Chambers. (below left)

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Runefest 17: Cosplays & Costumes
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