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Classic Final Fantasy Villain Teased For FFXIV's New Update

Square Enix recently detailed some the new content coming this month to Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood as part of the game's big 4.2 update, Rise of a New Sun. Following those details, the publisher has shared a new trailer for the game, showcasing the forthcoming update and some classic enemies from the series' final SNES installment, Final Fantasy VI.

The trailer, which you can watch above, begins with a battle against the Phantom Train, one of the most iconic bosses from Final Fantasy VI. The video also provides glimpses at several bosses, as well as Hells' Lid, one of the two new dungeons coming in the update. The most intriguing bit of footage, however, comes at the very end of the trailer; as the video fades to black, the face of Final Fantasy VI's main antagonist, Kefka, slowly appears, followed by his distinctive laugh.

Final Fantasy XIV's 4.2 update introduces a new story scenario titled Rise of a New Sun, along with a new side quest called The Jade Stoa. Additionally, the patch adds several new mounts (including the unsettling magitek death claw), the ability to build submersibles and hunt for undersea treasure, and a Hard version of The Fractal Continuum dungeon. It also makes changes to PvP rules and the Performance action.

The Rise of a New Sun update rolls out for Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 and PC in a little over a week, on January 30. You can read more about the upcoming update on the official Final Fantasy XIV website.

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